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New Executive Director to Head Internet Law & Policy Forum

September 30, 1998
Montreal, Canada

The Internet Law & Policy Forum (ILPF), an international non-governmental organization, announced that it has selected Ruth Day as its new Executive Director.

The ILPF was founded in 1995 by companies with a common interest in fostering the growth of electronic commerce and communications worldwide.

As Executive Director, Ms. Day will be responsible for the operations of ILPF and begins her term on October 12, 1998. She joins the ILPF from AT&T where she provided legal counsel to AT&T WorldNet® Services. Ms. Day succeeds 1997-98 Executive Director Albert Gidari, Jr., partner with Perkins Coie Law Firm, a senior fellow with the Seattle-based think tank, the Discovery Institute, and adjunct professor of law at the University of Washington.

"The electronic medium is ready. Global electronic commerce and communications can grow dynamically," says Ms. Day. "By providing analytical resources and a neutral forum, the ILPF will make an important contribution to the search for common, workable solutions to transnational legal and policy issues."

The ILPF strives to fill the gaps between existing law and technological development by examining legal and policyissues surrounding Internet commerce and communications and, when appropriate recommending practices, procedures or policies that would reduce the uncertainty and legal risk associated with the use of the Internet. Over the past two years, the ILPF has produced surveys of comparative content regulation, electronic and digital signature initiatives, and resources on industry self-regulation. The group also sponsors conferences and provides a roster of legal and technology experts. Details are publicly available at the ILPF web site.

The ILPF will release a white paper on the state of Internet self-regulation at the OECD Ministerial conference in Ottawa, October 7-9, 1998. The white paper recognizes that industry self-regulation is still evolving as a means to address the concerns of diverse Internet stakeholders but is endorsed broadly by governments as an alternative to government-issued rules.

For more information contact:
Ruth Day
, Executive Director

For membership information contact:
Marilyn Malenfant
, Administrative Coordinator

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