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Internet Law & Policy Forum Elects International Leadership

February 8, 1999
Montreal, Canada

The Internet Law & Policy Forum (ILPF), an international non-governmental organization, announced the election of its new management team. Corporate executives and senior professionals from Fujitsu Limited in Japan, Warburg Dillon Read in the United Kingdom, Deutsch Telekom in Germany, and BCT.TELUS in Canada become senior officers of the Forum as of today.

See citations to news articles about Mr. Masanobu Katoh on our press releases page.

As ILPF chair, Mr. Masanobu Katoh of Fujitsu Limited will lead ILPF in its selection and implementation of projects during the coming year. He brings significant international experience to the position. Mr. Katoh will be joined by three regional Vice Chairs, Ms. Breedy, Associate Director, European Programme Office, Warburg Dillon Read in the United Kingdom, Mr. Goeckel, Counsel, Deutsch Telekom in Germany, and Mr. Makaryshyn, Senior Advisor, Government and Community Affairs, BCT.TELUS in Canada. Each will strengthen ILPF presence and responsiveness within his or her respective national or regional jurisdiction.

"I am very pleased to join the ILPF Management Team as the newly elected Chairman.

Together, this new Management Team and our Executive Director Ruth Day will continue the strong leadership on legal and policy issues relating to the Internet that ILPF has developed around the world," said Mr. Katoh. "This year poses some exciting challenges for the ILPF. In particular, we would like to devote more attention to jurisdiction issues -- the fundamentals of a stable and predictable legal environment for all Internet-related activities," Mr. Katoh added.

The outgoing ILPF Chairman, John Montjoy, praised the new officers as "knowledgeable practitioners with broad international representation." "The ILPF is a unique global group of legal and policy experts. ILPF work products provide thoughtful analysis and practical advice that can be a significant contribution as both private and public sectors begin to resolve legal and policy issues relating to the Internet and electronic commerce," said Mr Montjoy.

Ruth Day, ILPF Executive Director, welcomed the new officers. "Their leadership will enhance the growing international reputation of the organization and allow us to tackle new challenges as we enter the networked world of the 21st Century," said Ms. Day.

Over the past two years, the ILPF has published a comparative survey of content regulation, surveys of electronic authentication and digital signature initiatives, and resources on industry self-regulation. The group also sponsors conferences and provides expert comment to international policymakers. A primary focus for 1999 will be the continuation of electronic authentication surveys and its international expansion as well as the examination of national jurisdiction over communications and transactions available over a global Internet. Details are publicly available at the ILPF web site (www.ilpf.org).

For more information contact:
Ruth Day
, Executive Director

For membership information contact:
Marilyn Malenfant
, Administrative Coordinator

ILPF was founded in 1995 by companies with a common interest in fostering the growth of electronic commerce and communications worldwide. The group strives to fill the gaps between existing law and the development of a global electronic network by examining the legal and policy issues arising from an increase in Internet communications and transactions.

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