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Wednesday, September 18, 2002
7:30 AM Registration & Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions
9:10 AM
General Session | G-1

Security and Privacy One Year Later
In the wake of last year's events on and reactions to September 11th, new laws promoting security and attacking terrorism have been passed around the world. What changes have these laws brought, and how have privacy laws been affected?
10:00 AM
Live Briefing

US Rollout of National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace — Live Satellite Feed from Stanford University
  • Richard Clarke, Special Advisor to the President for Cyber Space Security and Chairman, Presidentís Critical Infrastructure Protection Board

  • Howard Schmidt, Vice Chair, Presidentís Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
Please note: Mr. Schmidt will join us in person on Thursday at 3:15 pm for further discussion of the new strategy and take questions.

10:30 AM
Privacy Track | P1

Privacy Global Survey: Legislative Regimes and Cross-Cultural Dimensions
Panelists will identify various privacy regimes that have been adopted around the world, and focus on the key social and cultural factors that shaped them.

Moderator: Alixandre Schijman, AOL Time Warner
Security Track | S-1

Security Global Survey: Public Law, Regulatory Structures and International Law Enforcement
Companies doing business on the Internet are faced with a complex web of laws imposing regulatory requirements and creating criminal liability. Panelists will review different approaches to security laws adopted around the world and assess how well they work.

Moderator: Andreas Goeckel, Deutsche Telekom
11:15 AM Break sponsored by NIFTY Corporation
11:30 PM
Privacy Track | P-2

The Impact of Technology on Privacy Law
How is the information age changing our expectation of privacy? Should the ability to link disparate data through methods like data mining determine whether - or how - third parties use "publicly" available information? What is the cost of privacy, and who will pay for it? Should privacy violations become criminal offenses?

Moderator: Kristen Verderame, British Telecom
Security Track | S-2

Managing Security: Balancing Business Opportunities and Legal Risks
It has been said that infinite security is not infinitely valuable. This panel will identify methods for assessing legal risks associated with security, while weighing the business opportunity of security solutions against the costs of implementing them.

Moderator: Peter Harter, The Farrington Group
Lunch General Session | G-2

Security and Privacy Conflicts - Real and Imagined
How real is the tension between security and privacy? One of the leaders in surveillance and wireless law will discuss the conflicts and synergies between these two important policy goals, and how they each affect consumer confidence by looking at the evolution of wiretap law and other developments where law enforcement goals and individual privacy issues were raised.
1:45 PM
Privacy Track | P-3

Drafting, Implementing and Enforcing Privacy Policies for Companies Engaging in eCommerce
A discussion of the practical aspects of creating and implementing privacy policies in the international environment of the Internet.

Moderator: Ruth Day, Consultant
Security Track | S-3

Creating Security Policies That Work for Your Company, Your Users, and With Local Laws
A megabyte of prevention can be worth a terabyte of a cure. Our panelists will discuss the practical aspects of crafting a security policy that meets your business needs while complying with government requirements.

Moderator: Eiichi Matsuzawa, NIFTY Corporation
2:30 PM
General Session | G-3

Legal Risks Associated With Surveillance and Monitoring
Current trends in governmental surveillance are affecting individual privacy. Panelists will explore the technical and practical limitations to monitoring Internet traffic, as well as the legal and economic issues raised by governments asking private companies to assist in such activities.

Moderator: Colm Dobbyn, MasterCard International
3:30 PM Break sponsored by MasterCard International
3:45 PM Privacy Track | P-4

Watching Employees: Legal Considerations, Practical Guidelines and Netiquette
Companies today are investing more time and resources in monitoring their employees. Some of these efforts have resulted in legal challenges alleging violations of individual privacy. Panelists will discuss the global trends.

Moderator: Vince I. Polley, Schlumberger Limited
Security Track | S-4

Security: Practicalities of Complying with Law Enforcement Requests
Anti-terrorism legislation such as the Patriot Act has increased law enforcement requests for information. Panelists will explore ways to address this growing drain on resources — and how to minimize costs and legal exposure.

Moderator: Toru Maruhashi, Fujitsu Limited
5:00 PM General Session | G-4

Security v. Privacy: Perspectives from the Top
To close our first day, this panel convenes Chief Privacy Officers and Chief Security Officers for a frank discussion about the challenges they face.

Moderator: Andrew Konstantaras, ILPF
6:00 -
8:00 PM
Welcome Reception - Sponsored by Visa International

Thursday, September 19, 2002  
7:30 AM
ILPF Member Breakfast

Individuals who work for an ILPF member company are invited to discuss the upcoming activities of the ILPF, receive updates on the Working Groups on Authentication; Content Liability; and Jurisdiction and to participate in a special brefing on jurisdiction and choice of law issues in Europe, including the implementation of Rome II. RSVP at Information/Registration Table.
9:00 AM
General Session | G-5

Who Are You and Who Wants to Know? Privacy and Authentication Considerations
In an effort to increase security, governments are exploring technologies that help identify potential criminals. Our panelists explore this trend and its impact on individual privacy.
9:45 AM Privacy Track | P-5

Establishing Privacy: Does Technology Help or Hurt?
We explore the impact of technologies such as cookies and P3P, and how they affect privacy and consumer trust. Panelists will also discuss similarities and differences in online and offline privacy considerations.

Moderator: Bennie Smith, DoubleClick
Security Track | S-5

Establishing Trust: Does Technology Help or Hurt?
Our panelists will discuss how security technologies affect consumer trust — and how technology has either helped or adversely affected that trust.

Moderator: John F. Makaryshyn, Telus Corporation
10:45 AM Break Sponsored by Visa International
11:00 AM
Privacy Track | P-6

Myths and Realities of Anonymity, Pseudonymity and Identity in the Online World
Will technology kill anonymity — or did it ever really exist? Are there acceptable alternatives to absolute anonymity? Panelists discuss the technical, legal and policy dimensions of identity and authorization in the context of the Internet and e-commerce.

Moderator: Andrew Konstantaras, ILPF
Security Track | S-6

Authentication: Identifying and Selecting Appropriate Authentication Solutions
Authentication methods are not created equally — just look at their price range. We explore authentication options and how to identify legally appropriate methods for various uses.
Moderator: Robert Hoggarth, NTT USA, Inc.
Lunch General Session | G-6

Big Brother Comes Home: Human Chip Implants, GPS Applications and Other "Advances" in the Future of Security and Privacy
Technology continues to advance at a blinding pace. Is it all good? One of the leading thinkers in the privacy arena and key advocate for individual privacy looks at some of these new technological developments and discusses how they may affect security and privacy initiatives in the not-so-distant future. Lunch sponsored by Hunton & Williams
1:00 PM
General Session | G-7

New Frameworks for Authentication and Privacy
Authentication technologies have been poised to take off for several years, but they have yet to live up to their promise. Some have blamed their failure on the complexity of the law as well as technological shortcomings. Others attribute the slow rate of adoption to faulty business models. Our panelists will assess the need for new frameworks to address the authentication and privacy needs of the Internet community.

Moderator: Andrew Konstantaras, ILPF
1:45 PM General Session | G-8

Policy Wishlist
Leaders from the business and government sectors candidly discuss their top priorities and predictions for both security and privacy in the coming year.

Moderator: Roger Cochetti, VeriSign Inc.
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
Special Briefing

U.S. Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Howard Schmidt, Vice Chair, Presidentís Critical Infrastructure Protection Board

The Vice Chair of the Board responsible for preparing the US Strategy for Securing Cyberspace, which was made public on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 will highlight some of the key points of this strategy and address questions from the conference floor.

3:45 PM
General Session | G-9

Law and Ethics in Business Environments: Security, Privacy, Confidentiality and Lawyers on the Internet Law & Policy Forum
Even as lawyers have increased their use of the Internet, their obligation to maintain client confidentiality has not diminished. We will discuss the practical and legal issues raised by using the Internet in the everyday business environment, and explore whether current technology and security trends require rethinking about when and how lawyers and clients communicate online.

Moderator: Sharon L. Nelson, University of Washington School of Law

4:45 -
5:00 PM

Conference Wrap-up

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