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Content Blocking Working Group

Content Blocking Report: Now Available

The Internet Law & Policy Forum commissioned a working group in 1996 to examine the trends in global content regulation and technological developments designed to address content issues by blocking or providing user-enabled filtering. The report is work-in-progress and appears on this site. The working group process disclosed that, despite the reach of the Internet and its power to collect and distribute information, there is no systematic collection or examination of Internet content regulation.

Accordingly, the ILPF is expanding its working group to now conduct a global inventory of Internet content regulation. The goal of this effort is to amass, on a country-by-country basis, the laws and regulations that specifically encompass Internet content regulation. ILPF seeks to create a network of correspondents that will voluntarily advise the Internet community through the auspices of ILPF of emerging content regulation, enforcement activities related to content laws and links to sites that address content issues. Digital copies of any pertinent laws or regulations will be archived and made available to the global Internet community. Correspondents are invited to provide their analysis of the particular laws or rules.

ILPF will continue to examine the trends in Internet content regulation and plans to report on the "State of Internet Content Regulation" annually. Periodic summaries of information received will be provided on this site.

Individuals, groups, and organizations may submit information regarding content blocking regulations via our ILPF Content Blocking Working Group Submission Form.

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