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Who Can Join ILPF?

The Internet Law & Policy Forum is dedicated to promoting global growth of electronic communications and commerce by contributing to a better understanding and ultimately, a resolution of the particular legal issues which arise from the cross border nature of the electronic networks. The ILPF provides a network and forum for a broad spectrum of Internet interests. Membership is open to any company with a stake in the growth of the Internet and an interest in the organization's goals, principles, and legal focus.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the ILPF grants each member company a seat on the Board and the right to vote on strategic matters including topic selection for working groups, workshops and conferences. Members have complete access to the ILPF network of lawyers, policy makers and government officials throughout the world. Members are also allowed to include representatives on our regular Development Committee and working group teleconferences.

ILPF members receive unlimited access to the members-only website. The site contains meeting agendas, minutes and issue briefs, as well as information on industry activities. Members are welcome to download PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to incorporate into their own documents and presentations.

How To Join

To join the ILPF, simply fill out and submit a Membership Application as indicated. To find out more about how membership can benefit your company, please contact the Executive Director.

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